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Visiting Assistant Professor Program

Wake Forest University periodically appoints a Visiting Assistant Professor (or “VAP”) to spend anywhere from one to four semesters in residence at the law school. The program allows the VAP to obtain experience as a teacher, while devoting time to research, writing, and engagement in the intellectual life of a scholar.

The small size of the faculty and the student body at Wake Forest provide an ideally supportive setting for an introduction to a career in law teaching. The faculty have a history of involving visitors in the intellectual life of the law school; they offer their insights into the challenges of teaching and scholarship that fledgling academics often face.

The deans assign course loads and teaching schedules for the VAP with sensitivity to the timing of the job market process. Visiting faculty members are not expected to carry any of the administrative duties of permanent members of the faculty. The Faculty Appointments Committee offers structured preparation and support to help the VAP locate a permanent position on the faculty of another law school. Wake Forest also offers the VAP access to the same library resources and administrative support that all faculty members receive. Through presentations to faculty workshops and conferences, a VAP at Wake Forest gains an invaluable introduction to life in legal academia.


We are not accepting applications at this time.