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Faculty Profiles

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Simone Rose

Associate Dean for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Professor of Law

Phone: 336.758.4463
Location: Worrell 3126

Articles, Parts of Books, Book Reviews

Recent Scholarship

  • "Battle Over Gene Patents is Most Likely Headed to the Supreme Court," 8/21/11 Huffington Post Blog, (
  • "Preserving the "Fountainhead" of Knowledge: A Call to Challenge the Innovation Narrative in Patent Law," Forthcoming SMU Law Review (2014)
  • "The Supreme Court and Patents: Moving Toward a "Postmodern" Vision of Progress?" 23 Fordham Intell. Prop. Media & Ent. L.J. 1197 (2013)
  • "Semiconductor Chips, Genes and Stem Cells: New Wine for New Bottles?" 38 AJLM 113 (2012)