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Faculty Profiles

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Pat Roberts

Professor Emeritus



  • Problems and Materials on Decedents' Estates and Trusts.  6th ed. Eugene F. Scoles, Edward C. Halbach, Jr., Ronald C. Link, Patricia Gilchrist Roberts.  Gaithersburg, [Md.] : Aspen Law & Business, c2000.

Articles, Parts of Books, Book Reviews

  • "North Carolina Law of Wills and Trusts." Estate Planning and Probate Law Survey Course 1, (September 22-23, 1994):  I1 - I65. 
  • "Donative Transfers, Fiduciaries and Estate Planning," Association of American Law Schools  Fall 1993 Newsletter, Patricia Roberts, ed.
  • "The 1990 Uniform Probate Code's Elective Share Provisions--West Virginia's Enactment Paves the Way."  West Virginia Law Review 95, no. 1 (Fall 1992), 55-146.
  • "The Acceleration of Remainders:  Manipulating the Identity of the Remaindermen."  South Carolina Law Review 42, no. 2  (Winter 1991):  295-322. 
  • "Lapse Statutes:  Recurring Construction Problems."  Emory Law Journal 37, no. 2 (Spring 1988): 323-400.
  • "The Rule in Shelley's Case."  In The Will and the Way.  Raleigh: N.C. Bar Association Newsletter, 1987.
  • "Class Gifts in North Carolina -- When Do We 'Call the Roll?"  Wake Forest Law Review 21, no. 1 (Spring 1985):  1-57.

CLE, Casebook Outlines

  • Chapter 5: "Constructive Problems: The Survivorship Issue and Other Common Ambiguities." In North Carolina Will Drafting and Probate Practice Handbook Revised 1990.  Winston-Salem, N.C.: Wake Forest School of Law, CLE, 1990. 207-223.
  • Chapter 6:  "Construction Problems:  The Survivorship Issue and Other Common Ambiguities  In Will Drafting and Practice Handbook 1987. Winston-Salem, N.C.:  Wake Forest School of Law, CLE, 1987.
  • Section on "Donative Transfers, Fiduciaries and Estate Planning."  Fall 1993 Newsletter, Association of American Law Schools. 1993.