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Faculty Profiles

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Abigail Perdue

Professor of Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research
Founding Director, D.C. Summer Judicial Externship Program
Assistant Director, D.C. Metropolitan Spring Externship Program

Phone: 336.758.6115
Location: Worrell 3337


  • Abigail Perdue, Exploring Diversity and Discrimination, Carolina Academic Press, Forthcoming 2020
  • Abigal Perdue, Pop Culture Pedagogy, in Teaching Law and Pop Culture, Carolina Academic Press, Forthcoming 2018
  • Abigail Perdue, The All-Inclusive Guide to Judicial Clerking, WestAcademic Publishing, April 2017
  • Animal Cruelty and Freedom of Speech: When Worlds Collide (with Randall Lockwood) (Purdue University Press, 2014)
  • Abigail Perdue, Man Up: Exploring Perceptions of Women in Leadership, Abigail Perdue, Marquette Law Review (Summer 2017)
  • In 2017, Professor Perdue launched a new blog
  • Bridging the Gap between Substance and Skill, Legal Writing Matters (blog), December 2015
  • Abigail Perdue, The Solidarity Paradox, Duke Journal of Gender, Law, & Policy, Winter 2015
  • Abigail Perdue, The Stories Told about U.S. v. Virginia, The Second Draft, Fall 2015
  • Abigail Perdue, Transforming “Shedets” into “Keydets:” An Empirical Study Examining Coeducation through the Lens of Gender Polarization, The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Spring 2015 (an excerpt of this article will be featured in the upcoming edition of Gender & Law: Theory, Doctrine, and Commentary casebook by Joanna Grossman et al)
  • Abigail Perdue and Gregory Parks, The Nth Decree: Examining Intra-racial Use of the N-Word in Employment Discrimination Cases, DePaul Law Review, Spring 2015
  • Abigail Perdue, Tackling the Culture of Cruelty in the NFL, Huffington Post, October 2014
  • Abigail Perdue, Making Forward Progress, Huffington Post, March 2014
  • Abigail Perdue, Treating Women as the Second-Class Citizens of Sports: A Response to Richard Sherman’s Critique of the NLF’s Proposed Ban of the N-word, Huffington Post, March 2014
  • Abigail Perdue, A Bone to Pick about Animal Protection Legislation, Huffington Post, March 2014
  • Abigail Perdue, The Forward-Thinking, Future Shaping Federal Circuit, Huffington Post, Fall 2013
  • Abigail Perdue, DNA Resume: Exploring Genetic Discrimination in America’s Brave, New Workplace, Tennessee Law Review, Summer 2011
  • Abigail Perdue, For Love or Money: An Analysis of the Contractual Regulation of Reproductive Surrogacy, Journal of Contemporary Health Law & Policy, Spring 2011
  • Abigail Perdue, When Bad Things Happen to Good Laws: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Section 48, Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law, Spring 2011
  • Abigail Perdue, Fashion Police:  Risks and Rewards of Expression, Employment Law 360, January 2009
  • Abigail Perdue, Pros and Cons of Pet-Friendly Workplaces, Employment Law 360, December 2008
  • Lawrence Z. Lorber and Abigail L. Perdue, The Legal Evolution:  Genetic Influences in American Employment Law, HR Advisor, Fall 2008
  • Michael J. Album and Abigail L. Perdue, New York Choice of Law Provisions in Executive Employment Agreements, New York Law Journal, July 2006