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Faculty Profiles

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Tanya Marsh

Professor of Law

Worrell 3302


Grave New World: Readings in American Funeral and Cemetery Law (William S. Hein & Company).

Real Property for the Real World: Building Skills Through Case Study (Foundation Press 2016) (with Heather Way, Lucille Wood).

Regulation of the Funeral Industry: A Legal Research Guide (William S. Hein & Company).

Disposition of Human Remains: A Legal Research Guide (William S. Hein & Company 2015).

Cemetery Law: the Common Law of Burying Grounds in the United States (God's Acre Publishing 2015).

Law of Human Remains (Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company 2015).

Real Property in the Real World (Foundation Press) (with Heather Way, Lucille Wood).

Book Chapters

A Brief History of the American Cemetery, in Green Burial.


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A Fresh Look at Restrictive Covenants in Retail Leasing (with Sample Provisions), 32 The Practical Real Estate Lawyer 40 (2016).

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A New Lease on Death,.

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