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Faculty Profiles

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Christopher Knott

Associate Dean for Information Services
Professor of Law

Worrell 2207J

Professor Knott joined the Professional Center Library in 2012, after having served as Vice Dean and Professor at the University of Maine School of Law. Prior to that he served as the Associate Law Librarian for Patron Services and Adjunct Professor of Law at the Edward Bennett Williams Library at the Georgetown University Law Center, and at the Arthur W. Diamond Library at Columbia University Law School, and as an adjunct professor at the law schools at Columbia and Fordham. Professor Knott also practiced law in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., specializing in corporate transactions and commercial litigation.

He has published primarily in the areas of legal research and legal information. Knott is the co-author (along with J.D.S. Armstrong and R. Martin Witt, both of Columbia Law) of Where the Law Is: an Introduction to Advanced Legal Research, the fifth edition of which was published in 2018. He has also written on law library management, the effects of technology on legal research and law practice, and the changing role of the academic law library in the life of law schools.

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