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Wake Forest Law has been committed to producing broadly educated citizen lawyers for more than 100 years. Our liberal arts heritage can be found through all of our graduate degrees. For more information on admission into one of our programs, use the following links.

JD Admissions

JD Program

Small by design, our JD program produces astute and confident lawyers broadly educated in the skills, traditions, and ethics of practice. You'll have the skills that make increased specialization possible as your career develops.

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Transfer Admissions

JD Transfer Students

Interested in transferring to Wake Forest Law? We welcome transfer students each year for the JD degree program. Successful transfer applicants demonstrate promise at Wake Forest through their previous law school performance.

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LLM Admissions

LLM Program

The LLM Program is designed for international lawyers and students who wish to enhance their careers by studying the laws of the United States. The program offers the opportunity to pursue individual interests through research and coursework.

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MSL Admissions

Master of Studies in Law

Learn to navigate the law in today’s heavily-regulated environment and become invaluable in your workplace. The Master of Studies in Law programs are part-time, fully online and immediately applicable.

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SJD Admissions

SJD Program

The SJD program is designed for scholars and teachers of law and is most often obtained by international attorneys who are pursuing academic or high-ranking governmental careers in their home countries.

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Two-Year JD for International Lawyers Admissions

Two-Year JD for International Lawyers

The Two-Year J.D. for International Lawyers degree is designed for students who have received their legal education outside of the U.S. and who are interested in pursuing a J.D. degree. Graduates are eligible to take the U.S. bar exam and any state bar exam.

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